What is Extreme Edit

Extreme is a difficulty in both buffed jtoh and jtoh. It’s color is cyan, former difficult towers have this and former extreme towers are nerfed to Medium. its now obvious that you will see added glitches in towers.

Towers with extreme Edit

Tower of Keyboard Yeeting (Buffed)

Tower of Cold Hands (Buffed)

Tower of Wall Hugging (Buffed)

Tower of Lotsa Damage (Buffed)

Tower of Despair (Buffed)

Tower of Dust and Decay (Buffed)

Tower of Environmental Pain (Buffed)

Tower of Radiant Realms (Buffed)

Tower of Rushed Building (Buffed)

Tower of Feeling Lazy (Buffed)

Tower of Contractual Obligations (Buffed)

Tower of Yearning Success (Buffed)

Tower of Unearthed Discoveries (Buffed)

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